Financial Planning

Wealthy vs Rich

Everyone has their own view about money. Like many things in life, the way we think about money as an adult comes in large part from the experiences we had growing up. Whether you realized it or not, watching the way your parents’ handled money and working the after-school shift had huge impacts on the way we see and use…

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Financial Planning, Millennials

Budgeting 101

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Ever wondered why? As a society, we have become so focused on what we have instead of what we have saved. Material possessions are our sign of status these days. We feel obligated to buy every new thing to keep up, as if we would be seen as less without them, and before…

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Big Picture, Financial Planning

A Purposeful Life

The question of life’s purpose is one that initially seems big, daunting, and even scary. Honestly, most people have never sat down and really thought through what their personal purpose is. If you haven’t, that’s okay. Typically, people just do what they are “supposed to do” and believe life should follow a predetermined pattern. You go to school, you get…

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