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What You Need To Know About Target Date Funds

Target date funds are pretty popular these days. You may have seen them in your 401(K) investment options lineup with names like Retire 2050 or Target 2050.  Target Date Funds are made to simplify things for you. They essentially let you choose one fund that is a blend of several funds. Bonds, big companies, small companies, international companies, etc. will all…

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Ways To Work With Me

People continue to ask me what models/ways there are to work with me, so I figured it was time to put out a blog post explaining each option, the price, who it is right for, and what you get within each model since we have made some changes within our firm. Here are the 3 different ways you can work…

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The Most Dangerous Phrases In Personal Finance

When it comes to your finances, you might be your worst enemy. Constantly making poor choices and coming up with justifications for each decision is a formula for disaster.  Most people convince themselves that what they are doing is okay. Here are some of the most dangerous phrases people tell themselves that lead to poor financial decisions that you should…

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