About Thomas

Hey there!

My name is Thomas Kopelman. I am the Co-Founder of AllStreet Wealth, a financial planning firm for millennial entrepreneurs and those with equity comp. I am also a:

For way too long, this age demographic has been neglected by the financial services industry, I am here to help change that. There are a ton of high income earners in my generation that are craving good, quality financial planning. That is what we are here for.

Let’s face it, life in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s can be hard. You have Multiple jobs, student loans, marriage, kids, a new 🏡 , starting a business, paying for education for your kids, etc. juggling all of that is enough let alone figuring out how to accomplish it financially. You don’t have the time nor do you want to have to learn about taxes, investing, the best accounts to use, etc. Your time is best spent doing what you love!

That is why I am here! To help you figure out how to use your resources to live the life you want. Isn’t that the goal? To live the life you have dreamed of?

At AllStreet Wealth, we help our clients move beyond the surface level goals they think they want and determine the lives they truly want to live. Our goal is to help our clients live fulfilled lives by identifying what is enough, building a plan that takes them in this direction, and keeping them on track when things change.

We meet our clients where they are in life and show them the intersection between ‘personal’ and ‘finance’ so they can ultimately live the life they want.

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