Financial Planning

Ways To Work With Me

People continue to ask me what models/ways there are to work with me, so I figured it was time to put out a blog post explaining each option, the price, who it is right for, and what you get within each model since we have made some changes within our firm.

Here are the 3 different ways you can work with me!

1. One Meeting One Plan

Price: $750

Who It Is Right For: This model is right for people who are just starting out or have basic needs/questions that need to get answered.

Process: Once you decide to work with us, we send you a link to our financial planning software so you can get all your financial info into one place. We then meet, go over goals/values, get an understanding of your finances, and start talking about changes that need to be made. Then after this one meeting, I send over a one page financial plan with action items you need to make. It is a super quick and efficient model that not much analysis is done in the background (which is why it’s good for more simple situations).

2. Full Financial Plan

Price: $4,500 for Nonbusiness owner and $6,000 for Business Owner

Who It Is Right For: This model is right for DIYer’s who want to manage their own financial life but need some help coming up with a plan and making key decisions.

Process: This is a 3-4 month engagement. Once you decide to become a client, you will enter all your info in the financial planning software and send over your tax return, pay stubs, estate planning documents, etc. Then here’s what the meeting cadences look like:

  • Meeting 1: We will go over goals and values. All financial planning is is trying to use your resources to build the life you want. I need to know what life we are trying to build to help you do that!
  • Meeting 2: In this meeting, we will spend a ton of time diving into the financials. We will look at and go over anything that has to do with money.
  • Meeting 3: This is where your first financial plan is delivered (follow this link and go to step 3 to view what they look like). We take a look at your current situation, key statistics, the goals you ahve and how on track you are for them, your surplus breakdown, and all the action items you need to get done. We also take time to solidify the plan and what steps you want to take.
  • Meeting 4: We will go over the plan, answer any questions, and start implementing all the action items together that you may not know how to do. I want to make sure this plan gets put into place and not just sits somewhere untouched.
  • Email Access: After that, the process is over but you have email access for 8 weeks to ask any questions you may have!

3. Ongoing

Price: $450/month for those with equity comp, and $600-$900 a month for business owners.

Who It Is Right For: This model is right for people who have more complex situations and wants ongoing help from a planner who knows their situation well.

Process: The process is the exact same as the one above but then you stick with working with us after the last meeting happens. Yearly reviews look like this:

  • Review Meeting 1: We meet and go over new financials, income, goals, etc and get a brand new plan in place for the year.
  • Review Meeting 2: We meet post tax time to go over last years tax return, project this years, and then come up with our tax strategy for the year.
  • Review Meeting 3: We meet to go through your company benefits (or pick them if you are a business owner) and maximize them!
  • Review Meeting 4: We go over equity comp strategy or business planning depending on the type of client you are and come up with our plan for the next year.
  • Additional Meetings: All clients have a link to my calendar and can book a meeting anytime a life event happens or something comes up. We want to be there for you as you have to make financial decisions (we coach our clients to use us in all these situations). Then business owner clients who are above $600 a month get 1-12 extra business meetings a year to do more in depth planning on growing the business and making the right decisions.

If you have any questions, or want to start working with us in one of these models, you can book a free meeting using this link!