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What To Focus On In Your 20’s

You can either F*** around and waste your 20’s, or you can use your 20’s to turbocharge your life. It’s your choice to either look back on these years fondly or with regret. Here are 7 key areas to focus on in your 20’s to make sure you make the most of them (and a story of mine).

1. Focus First On Your Own Development Over Money

Way too many people focus on finding the job that pays them the highest salary. While I think going for a high salary is great, and is the advice I would give someone in their 30’s, I do not think it’s the best advice for someone in their 20’s.

Your 20’s is about learning. Try new jobs, network with people who work in other industries or jobs you think you would like. The goal is to not force yourself to be stuck in a job you hate, it’s to explore and find something you might actually enjoy.

Once you find this area, secure a position with an organization that will help you learn what it takes to be really good at that position. One that will mentor you, grow you, and teach you how to become great at that specific job. So many people simply accept the highest compensation when it is offered, even though that doesn’t guarantee the highest income later on.

“Oh Thomas, that is so much easier said than done.” Yeah, I know. But, I did it. I knew what I wanted to learn, who could teach me it, and I reached out and asked for a job. I simply asked him to pay me $2,000 a month since I could find a way to live off of that number and be fine. Why did I do this? I knew I could learn everything I needed to learn from him. It set me up to be able to start a business at 26, grow it to well over 5 figures a month in revenue in the first 9 months, and now be speaking at conferences on how to do just that.

Prioritize learning first! It will pay off.

2. Do Not Spend All Your Money On THINGS

While you may not have infinite funds during your 20s, you do have the most free time of your life. Spend your money on activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. You won’t always be able to put everything on hold, travel, and create unforgettable experiences. This is one of the best methods to make the most of your life, your happiness, and your time with your friends. These trips are challenging to plan, but they become ever more challenging as you age. You will not regret prioritzing these experiences.

3. Find Hobbies

Life after graduation is different. It’s great in it’s own unique way, but you need hobbies outside of work and drinking with your friends.

Find hobbies that get you outside and active. Find one’s that challenge you. You will be able to develop better friendships and connections with people you can do shared hobbies with. And let’s face it, if all you do is work, watch TV, and go out drinking, life gets dull.

4. Find A Great Unbiased Mentor

Too many people have mentors who work for the same organization as them. I don’t think this is the best idea. Oftentimes, they will be biased to your company and I have seen way too many people drink the kool-aid at a bad company because of their mentor.

Find a mentor outside of your organization who has achieved success, is someone you look up to, and who you want to emulate. Ask for learning resources, pick their brains, and bounce business and/or career ideas off of them. You need a knowledgeable person in your corner who can guide you toward the optimal course of action.

5. Try new things

Whatever it is, try something new and venture outside of your comfort zone. Show yourself that you are more powerful than you believe you are and that everything is possible. You have to believe you can do it. This could be launching a business, starting a side hustle, switching to a job you’ll enjoy, traveling alone, relocating to a new place, etc. Go for it, whatever it is.

And I’m telling you to test out any business ideas you may have when you’re in your 20s. The worst case scenario is it doesn’t work out. WHO CARES! You will learn more during that time of running a business than you did the last 8 years of school combined. And if it works, you are set. You now have a successful business that can give you so much freedom over your life.

6. Find Your Unique Value Prop

For your whole life, school taught you to try and fit in. But in your 20’s, your goal is to stand out. What are your unique skills and interests that can allow you to stand out from the crowd? Figure this out by the end of your 20’s and try and make it your job, business, etc. This combination can be so powerful.

7. Hone In On Your Key Strengths

You’ve constantly been told to identify your areas of weakness and work on them. Although I believe that being well-rounded can be beneficial, the most successful people I know are experts. They excel in one or two key areas.

Start honing your skills in areas where you are already proficient. This is how you become in demand. The goal is to be a true specialist, someone that people go to to solve certain specific problems.

Thanks for reading this full post. These are the 7 areas I would focus on to maximize my 20’s if I were you. If you found this helpful, please share with your friends or family!

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