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30 Cheap Fun Date Night Ideas For Those On A Budget

I thought I would switch it up this week and talk about something fun and relevant to many people — fun, cheap, date night ideas for those who are on a budget. 

For me, date nights are a large part of my budget. I value going on fun dates, nice restaurants, good drinks, etc. but I also do love a fun cheap date night so here are some of the best ideas for you all! 

  1. Have a game night at home
  2. Go somewhere you haven’t explored in your city and go on a few mile walk 
  3. Make some fun appetizers (charcuterie board, chips and guac, etc.) and bring some drinks and have a picnic in a park nearby 
  4. Hit up a local farmers market and try a bunch of new food 
  5. Cook at home together something you have never tried that takes a while (sushi, homemade pizza, baked goods, whatever sounds good to you) 
  6. Go on a hike 
  7. Try a new coffee shop
  8. Go test drive your dream car together 
  9. Go to an outdoor local concert
  10. Play a questions game night. Each of you come with multiple deep questions to get to know your spouse better 
  11. Go mini putting 
  12. Go to a drive in movie 
  13. Find the best happy hour deals around you and take advantage of them 
  14. Go on a bike ride 
  15. Go thrifting or to garage sales 
  16. Go volunteer somewhere you guys are both passionate about 
  17. Make a scavenger hunt for you significant other
  18. Binge a new tv show or movie series 
  19. Make your significant other’s favorite meal while they get to go relax, treat them 
  20. Go watch the sunrise or sunset over water somewhere close 
  21. Create a vacation bucket list together 
  22. Go to random open houses in your town 
  23. Go to a workout class together 
  24. Go to a local trivia night 
  25. Go food truck hopping, get one thing from multiple places 
  26. Rent kayaks or tube down a river 
  27. Go on a drive with no end goal in mind, see if you end up somewhere cool and explore 
  28. Sit by a fire 
  29. Turn off all devices and have a date night in just chatting and connecting 
  30. Have an iron chef cooking competition at home