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26 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

As lame as it may sound, I view every day as a learning opportunity.

Ever since I started creating content, I have taken note of the key things I have learned each day.

Some days I learn something new, somedays I am reminded of something that I needed to relearn that day. 

In honor of my 26th birthday, I want to share the top 26 lessons I have learned/continually need to relearn with you all.

Here are some of the best lessons I have learned over these past few years:

1. Complaining gets you nowhere and no one really wants to hear it

2. Hard work on the other hand can get you anywhere 

3. Self belief and self love should be everyone’s main focus. Without it life is hard.

4. Not many people are empathetic, but empathy is one of the most valuable traits you can have

5. You can stand out by simple being someone who listens

6. Everyone is faking it till they make it, there’s no shame in it 

7. Mindset is everything, you can either focus on everything bad or you can try and focus on the good. This mindset shift can change your life.

8. There is always an excuse you can find to not do something. Get rid of the excuses. Take action. Follow up. Follow through on your word.

9. Hiring coaches can advance your learning by many years. Find coaches or mentors who can help speed up your learning.

10. You aren’t going to magically be happy when you get ‘said’ thing in the future. You become happy when you realize you have everything you need to be happy now.

11. People don’t think about you as much as you may think. We are all so caught up in our own lives. Knowing this, make decisions that are best for you, who cares what everyone else thinks. They probably aren’t even thinking about you.

12. You are never going to be ready for that thing you are thinking about doing. Go for it, you will learn along the way.

13. Habits are everything. If you want to make a change, focus on changing the habits that lead up to that change. Example: Want to start saving more. Create automation and save $10 a week automatically. Then work on increasing that over time. Starting is the hard part.

14. The people around you matter more than you know. Surround yourself with people who are better than you so you can learn and grow through them.

15. Be a helping hand to others. So many people helped you become who you are, sometimes it’s your turn to help someone else who is behind you and looking for help.

16. Failure doesn’t really exist outside of school. In school, getting an F is failure. In real life, failure doesn’t really exist. It’s all about learning. You move forward, implement what you learned, and become better.

17. Life passes you by quickly, take time to reflect and enjoy what is in front of you. It will be gone way too quickly. 

18. You need to find a way to do at least 1 thing everyday that makes you happy. Could be watching your favorite show, making a good dinner, hanging with friends or your significant other. Find some happiness/enjoyment in every day. It’s there, I promise.

19. Focus on improving your health. The healthier you are, the better your life is. Have 1 to 2 different forms of exercise you love, it will change your life. Also, get outside, drink water, eat whole foods, and get good sleep.

20. You aren’t going to be great at everything right away. Don’t make the excuse that you are bad at something and give up. If you put in the hours, you will learn and can drastically improve. 

21. Not everyone can find their passion through their job and that’s okay. Try and find something that you both enjoy and are good at. This combination will make you lethal and make working not something you dread. 

22. Life’s too short to force anything to work. If you hate your job, go find a new one (who cares about what the time length says on your resume). If you want to live somewhere else, go. Stop looking for the reasons not to do what you want. You will regret sticking with things that are not aligned with who you are and what you want.

23. Stop taking the safe route. The safe route is what gets you to say “man, I wish I did this when I was in my 20’s.” None of us want to look back on our life with regret. 

24. Be a creator not a consumer. When you document, create, and share what you are learning, new doors will open up for you. Every creator I know, grows their business, gets new jobs, and builds a community all because they are creating. 

25. Our generation focuses too much on entertainment. Not every single thing and every single moment is meant to be entertaining. Just because it’s not ‘fun’ at all times to do the work, or hang with your grandparents or family doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go do it. 

26. Love other people and be there for them. You never know what other people are going through. And seriously, stop judging other people, you have no idea what it is like to be them and go through what they are going through. You don’t have to dislike someone because you would handle things differently than them. This year with COVID and vaccines and what not has shown us that if people don’t do what we do, we get mad. Well… that’s not what it is supposed to be like. Everyone has their own choices to make. Let them.

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