Weekend Review

Weekend Review July 25, 2021

Favorite Articles/Podcasts/Videos

  •  Ben Carlson: Bulls on Parade -“Maybe this is one of the reasons losses sting twice as bad as gains feel good — downturns occur more often. Bull markets can last longer than you think. Bull markets make up for a lack of quantity with magnitude and length. While the downturns have lasted an average of 207 days peak-to-trough, the upturns have lasted an average of 1,121 days from trough-to-peak. The average loss is a downturn of 23% while the average gain was 122%. Obviously, the ranges around the averages are wide but the up markets more than make up for the down markets over time.”
  • Michael Kitces – Planning For The Expiration Of The CARES Act Student Loan Payment And Interest FreezeBorrowers on Income Driven Repayment (IDR) plans have many planning opportunities to consider. Both the timing of their income certification and their 2021 tax filing status could be set up strategically to minimize student loan payments. Especially since the popular strategy of Married Filing Separately to minimize payments may no longer be as appealing for families with young children, due to the American Rescue Plan’s changes to the Child Tax and Dependent Care Credits for 2021 (which are reduced or lost altogether for couples who file separately, and which have become fully refundable).

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Workout of the Week

Leg Press6 sets going up
weight each time,
drop set on the last set
Lunges4 x 12 each leg
Deep Goblet Squats4 x 15 (3 second pause at bottom)
Barbell Hip Thrusts2 x 12, 2 x 8
Laying Hamstring Curls
Leg Extensions
4 x 12- 15
Hip Abductor Machine
Calf Raises
4 x 20-25