Weekend Review

Weekend Review July 11, 2021

Favorite Articles/Podcasts/Videos

  • Morgan Housel: Money Rules -“What money can and can’t do for you isn’t intuitive, so most people are surprised at how they feel when they suddenly have more or less than before.”
  • Michael Batnick – You’re Richer Than You Think“Here’s a little thought exercise. If a person makes $200,000 a year, do they have more in common with the person making $50,000 or the person making $2,000,000? 2,000,000 is ten times more than 200,000, and 200,000 is only four times more than 50,000. So there’s your answer, right? Wrong. Even though the dollar amounts might be closer, the lifestyle is not. A person making $200,000 has way more in common with the person making $2 million than they do with the person making $50,000. On a certain salary, there are things you flat out can’t do. You can’t pay for multiple streaming services. You can’t order whatever you want off the menu. You can’t travel to Italy. But once you reach a certain level of income, you can do all of these things. That’s why there is a bigger divide between the haves and have nots than the haves and have mores.”

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Workout of the Week

Pull-Ups 4 sets
Flat Bench Press (Go to 1/2 Rep Max)5 sets
Dead Lift to Row4 sets
Barbell Shoulder Press 4 sets
Lat Pulldown 4 sets
100 Straight Bar Curls 4 sets