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We are back with another episode of The Long Game Podcast and this time I am joined by Nate Spangle.

Nate is a 2018 graduate of Depauw University where he landed the Orr Fellowship and got placed at Apex benefits right out of college. Nate is the Co-Founder of Bat Hats, Cappers Collective, Bar Revival, and Heartwood, as well as the Head of Community for PowderKeg. On top of that he is a head varsity wrestling coach and a great networker.

In this episode with Nate we talk about:

  • The Orr fellowship, landing a job he wasn’t sure he wanted but now he knows he needed
  • Starting his multiple businesses, what he learned from each, growing them, etc.
  • The power of having good mentors and how to find them

Show Notes:

Nate’s Twitter

Nate’s LinkedIn

Cappers Collective

Bat Hat’s

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