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We are back with another episode of The Long Game Podcast and this time I am joined by Derick Grant.

Derick Grant is a Former Professional Athlete, Public Speaker, Transformational Mindset Coach & Author. His passion, and purpose is to help people in life. Derick was fortunate to travel to 70 countries playing 8 years for the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters and serves as the CEO of Results Leadership Development Inc, a Transformational Life Coaching Firm. Dericks gift is his ability to change lives from the inside-out. From working with world class athletes, and working through his my own life, Derick has found the only thing that separates the good from the great is their mindset.

In this episode with Derick we talk about:

  • Dericks journey from moving every couple years growing up, to playing college basketball, to playing for the Harlem Globetrotters, to creating his own business
  • How sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to really change
  • How he helps athletes reach their full potential through their mindset and how you can too

Show Notes:

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