Big Picture

Bet On Yourself

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself” – Beyonce 

“Bet On Yourself” – Fred Vanvleet 

I don’t have a success story quite like these two, but as I look back on this last year at RLS Wealth, these quotes stick out to me. 

This next week marks 1 year since I joined Justin at RLS Wealth. Before I joined, I felt somewhat stuck. I was really unhappy where I was at. 

I had this whole belief system around how I wanted to work with and serve millennials. How I wanted to market and attract vs call and sell. How I wanted to give advice vs sell products. My previous employer would tell me I was wrong. They would say that tons of people have followed this method and it works and that I just need to do it (even though only 20% of people succeed in this system). Eventually, I realized I couldn’t be the advisor I wanted to be if I stayed where I was at. 

So, I took a bet on myself. I decided that I could go work with Justin and actually put my ideas into action, and man has this year been rewarding. 

I am a big believer in building in public, so I will share with you exactly how year 1 at RLS Wealth went. 

  • I started a blog that has reached 10,000 + readers. It has been shared by Michael Kitces, Abnormal Returns, and some other major blogs.
  • I started a podcast that has over 1200 unique listens in the first 13 episodes.
  • I started a newsletter that has grown from 0-250 subscribers in 5 months.
  • I was named a top 23 millennial financial advisor by Business Insider.
  • I have been on numerous podcasts, videos, etc. to share my success in marketing so others can see the blueprint and take the leap that I was scared to take.

What I want to make clear is that these all took time. I wasn’t good at any of them from the start, but I put my head down, grinded, and bet on myself that I could learn and become good at them. My first 6 months were hard, I didn’t see many results, but Justin kept encouraging me to keep going. Be consistent. Keep creating. And after 6 months, things really started to take off. I went from having 1ish inbound lead a month to now hovering around 10-12 new prospects a month all through referrals and content creation. 

Things really start to open up for you when you focus on education, sharing your secrets, and letting people truly get to know you and what you believe in. When you do this, you start to attract people who want to work with you — resulting in a higher percentage of them moving forward since they already trust you and know what you are about. 

This form of marketing has led me to adding right around 25 new clients this calendar year alone. I wanted to bring this up because I want to help encourage others to keep working towards their goals. Plenty of people on the sidelines are going to tell you that you are crazy. That building something and growing is hard — and they aren’t wrong. It is hard! But it is so rewarding. Don’t let yourself get discouraged and think you can’t do it because you aren’t good at it. I wasn’t either. And neither were the people you look up to that do it so well now. They all worked for that success just like you can. 

So…Bet on yourself and keep going! No one will ever believe in yourself more than you do. 

Side note: Thank You To The Team at RLS Wealth

I want to end this blog post by saying thank you to Justin. I am so lucky to get to work with someone like him (in my opinion and many others, he’s the best in the business) — and I am so happy he took a bet on me and let me join RLS. I have never been happier nor felt more fulfilled  in my life than I do now. Here’s to many more years of working together and continually building RLS to be better and serve our clients well. 

Lastly, I need to give a shoutout to Darlene, our director of operations. She is one of the best people at her job that I have ever worked with. She really takes care of my clients well and I am so thankful to have her as well.