Weekend Review

Weekend Review March 14, 2021

Favorite Articles/Podcasts/Videos

  • Justin Castelli: Be Wary Of Quick Dismissals – “If you find your financial advisor immediately dismissing NFTs and calling them the next Beanie Baby, I’d encourage you to challenge them as to why they are dismissing the possibilities for NFTs and the supporting technology so early in the game. Stereotypically, we financial advisors distrust new opportunities–as we should. We are paid and have the responsibility of keeping our clients from making bad financial decisions. But instead of being dismissive, financial advisors should be cautious, avoid rushing into new technologies, and scrutinizing new investment opportunities for our clients, while remaining inquisitive and open to improvements to the way our profession has worked in the past.”

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan. Will be back next week.

Workout of the Week

Pull-ups 4 sets, use machine if needed
Close Grip Pulldowns 4 x 12 drop set on last
Low Row Machine
Rope Cable Row Holds
4 x 15
Reverse Grip Pulldowns
Back Extensions
3 x 12
Barbell Bent Over Rows
Row Machine
4 x 15
Seated Bicep Curl Machine 3 x 20 drop set on last set
EZ Bar Reverse Grip Curls 4 x 12