The Long Game Podcast Episode 9 – Erica Ballard

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We are back with another episode of The Long Game Podcast and this time I am joined by Erica Ballard.

In this episode with Erica we talk about:

  • Moving from a job she was unhappy at to starting her own health coaching business
  • Focusing on the combination of health, stress, movement, ect to live your best life
  • How you will never become happy by reaching your dream job, dream body, etc.
  • Running a business and chasing her dreams even when people said to not do it
  • How we all need more happiness in our life
  • How to breakdown what you do and do not like to figure out what path to take career wise
  • How to trust your inner voice
  • Advice she has for millennials

Show Notes:

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Erica Ballard Health

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