Weekend Review

Weekend Review February 7, 2021

Favorite Articles/Podcasts

  • Morgan Housel: Unfortunate Investing Traits- “An iron rule of investing is that almost nothing is certain and the best we can do is put the odds of success in our favor. Since we’re working with odds – not certainties – it’s possible to make good decisions that don’t work, bad decisions that work beautifully, and random decisions that may go either way. Few industries are like that, so it’s easy to ignore. But it’s a central feature of markets.Unless you’ve enjoyed a period of success that you realize you had nothing to do with, or can admit that a long period of loss was due to your own mistake, you’ll have a hard time grasping reality in a way that lets you do at least the average thing when everyone else is losing their minds.”
  • Ben Carlson: How The Stock Market Works“The stock market is the only place where anyone can invest in human ingenuity. It is a bet on the future being better than today. Stocks can be thought of as a way to ride the coattails of intelligent people and businesses as they continue to innovate and grow. Short of owning your own business, buying shares in the stock market is the simplest way to own a slice of the business world.

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan.

Workout of the Week

Incline DB Bench Press20, 15, 12, 3 x 8
Incline Flies
Incline Press
Incline Push-ups
4 x 12
Flat Bench Press3 x 20
Cable Flies
4 x 10
Dressed up as Spiderman for my nephews birthday this weekend

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