The Long Game Podcast Episode 9: Brendan King

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We are back with another episode of The Long Game Podcast and this time I am joined by Brenda King.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Finding his passion at an early age
  • Why he chose Butler to pursue his passion of being a play-by-play sports announcer
  • How he prepared himself to achieve his goal
  • How to manage 7/8 jobs at one time while still bringing energy everyday
  • The glamorous and no so glamorous parts of the job
  • How important it is to voice your goals and have people rally behind you
  • His ultimate goal of being the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Cubs and why he doesn’t have a back up plan

Brendan King is one of my good friends from college and was actually in the same fraternity as me at Butler. Ever since I met Brendan, he has always had this dream of being a sports announcer, specifically for the Cubs. He has pursued this passion every day I have known him and it truly inspires me. Over the past 2 years he was Play-by-Play Voice of the South Bend Cubs, Class-A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and we are waiting to see what this year holds for him. He also works for 1070 the fan and hosts his own podcast called The Brenden King Show.

Show Notes:

Instagram: Brendan King

Twitter: Brendan King

Podcast: The Brendan King Show

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