Weekend Review

Weekend Review January 17 , 2021

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Favorite Articles

  • Nick Maggiulli: Just Keep Buying “This is the investing mantra that can change your life.  These 3 words can make you rich.  What I am talking about is the continual purchase of a diverse set of income producing assets.  I am not talking about when to buy or how much to buy, just to keep buying.  The idea seems simple because it is simple.”
  • TJ van Gerven: Strategies To Consider When You’re Highly Concentrated In Unvested Employee Stock- “As with any financial planning situation, the first step is to have a clear picture of your overall net worth. Although your employee stock compensation may be unvested, if you anticipate you will remain employed with the company throughout the vesting schedule, you should treat the stock as an illiquid position included in your portfolio. Chances are if you include that unvested position in your overall portfolio across your various accounts, it represents a large portion of your overall net worth. As always, concentration builds wealth, and diversification maintains wealth.”
  • Justin Castelli: Impact“Take some time over the next week and write out your own mission statement. Don’t worry how long it is and begin to live it. Align your actions, your time, your dollars, and the people you spend your time with to your mission statement. Write it down on a 3×5 card so it’s constantly staring at you. We’ve even introduced mission statements in our financial planning at RLS Wealth to help clients make sure their financial decisions are in line with their values, goals, and ultimately their purpose—as defined by their mission statement. I believe this will take their financial planning to the next level—helping me make an impact beyond their financial plan.”

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan.

Workout of the Week

Rope Cable Curls 12, 10, 3 x 8
EZ Bar Curl 4 x 12
Rope Hammer Curls
Plate Curls
4 x 12-16
Rope Cable Tricep Push Downs12, 10, 3 x 8
Close Grip Bench Press 4 x 15
Close Grip Push-ups
Skull Crushers
4 x 15

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