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We are back with another episode of The Long Game Podcast and this time I am joined by Taylor King.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Going against the grain and choosing a career path that Taylor is passionate about
  • Working for one of the most famous influencers in the game (Alisha)
  • Having multiple streams of income
  • What it is like to be an influencer
  • Finding success once she dove into being uniquely herself and not pretending to be someone else
  • Producing content (that sometimes can be cringey) and how to overcome the fear of what others think
  • How to take advantage of creativity when it strikes
  • The power of a strong network
  • Her future aspirations

Taylor King is a famous influencer in LA originally from Bloomington, IN. She is a Tiktok Star, Model, Instagram Star, while also working for one of the most famous influencers, Alisha. She has 110k follower on Instagram, 100k subscribers on youtube with her highest viewed video at 220k. Quite impressive if you ask me. She has appeared in many Videos and is known for her looks, smile, modeling poses, style, and personality. She also has a podcast she hosts called TK’s Juicy Pod which she is revamping right now.

Show Notes:

Instagram: Taylor King

Youtube: Taylor King

Twitter: Taylor King

Podcast: TK’s Juicy Pod

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