Weekend Review

Weekend Review December 6, 2020

Tweets of The Week

Favorite Articles

  • Ashby Daniels: Who Would’ve Thought? – “I close most articles here with “Stay the course.” While it’s overly simplistic, it’s a decision that must be made if we are going to be successful equity investors. This unique year hasn’t made me question this philosophy so much as it has encouraged me all the more. As much as the market moves up and down, it’s remarkably resilient. And if we want our piece of the reward, we must never RE-act, only act. We must actively choose to stay the course, most of all when everything looks like it’s going south in a hurry. We must exercise our faith in the future that tomorrow will be brighter than today. Now is no different.”
  • Josh Brown: Five Reasons Why Bitcoin is Going Up“This is changing, slowly but inevitably. More access, cheaper pricing, less fear, less hesitation. Mainstream buy-in and adoption by the Fidelity’s and the PayPal’s of the world removes the counterparty risk concerns and the fear of theft from the front burner. The rise in price will serve as all the confirmation bias the adopters need in order to be spurred on even further into their allocations.”

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Workout of the Week

-Kettlebell Goblet Squats30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 8, drop set
-Leg Extensions6 x 12-15
-Leg Press Machine3 x 8-12
-Laying Hamstring Curls
-Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
4 x 10-12