Weekend Review

Weekend Review December 20, 2020

Tweets of The Week

Favorite Articles

  • Justin Castelli: Harvesting Gains “Similar to loss harvesting, gain harvesting involves selling investments in a taxable account but instead of banking losses to offset gains, you realize long-term capital gains at a lower tax rate than expected in the future. That’s a mouthful I know, so let me share an example.”
  • T.J. van Gerven: Define What Financial Independence Means.“But what if we redefined what financial independence means? That instead of working towards an arbitrary mathematical number that we instead worked towards a sustainable lifestyle? Define what financial independence means to you. To me it is about freedom. The freedom to explore passions and never be in a rush.”

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan.

Workout of the Week

10 minute bike 30 second sprint
30 second rest
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
Rope Cable Rows
4 x 12-15
Deadlifts 6 x 8
Pull-ups (assisted if need be)AMRAP
Low Row Machine 4 x 12-16
Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns
Barbell Bent Over Rows
4 x 12-16