Financial Planning

Weekend Review October 4, 2020

Tweets of The Week

Favorite Articles

  • Anthony Isola: A Double Tap Of Retirement Misery “Lower-income Americans are facing a retirement crisis of tsunami-like proportions. Most of the benefits are going to the top decile of workers, while a considerable portion of employees struggles to pay their daily bills. Their children are in a similar boat. Without an education, they will be shackled to similar low paying jobs, not earning enough to save for their retirement.”
  • Morgan Housel: Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions – “An innocent denial of your own flaws, caused by the ability to justify your mistakes in your own head in a way you can’t do for others. When other people’s flaws are easier to spot than your own it’s easy to assume you have no/few flaws, which makes the ones you have more likely to cause problems.

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan. Here is his last weeks’ weekend review.

Workout of the Week

-Leg Extensions
-Hamstring Curls
6 x 15-20
-Walking Lunges4 x 12 each leg
-Goblet Squats
-Romanian Deadlifts
4 x 12-16