Weekend Review

Weekend Review October 18, 2020

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Favorite Articles

  • Michael S. Fischer: Nearly Half of Investors Sold Stock in March; Most Now Regret It: Survey – “The survey identified one clear pattern: Investors were checking their portfolio’s performance much more frequently during the pandemic than before. Forty-eight percent of survey participants said they were looking at their portfolios more now than they did prior to March, while only 16% were doing so less.The survey findings suggest that those who frequently look at their portfolios, particularly men and younger investors, are more inclined to buy or sell stock, potentially in reaction to whichever way the market is moving. MagnifyMoney noted that this behavior ignores many experts’ recommendation against frequent trading, and instead to treat the portfolio as one would one’s face during COVID-19 — try not to touch it too much.
  • Morgan Housel: The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed “The irony is that people can get some of their most important work done outside of work, when they’re free to think and ponder. The struggle is that we take time off maybe once a year, without realizing that time to think is a key element of many jobs, and one that a traditional work schedule doesn’t accommodate very well.

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan. Here is his last weeks’ weekend review.

Workout of the Week

-Close Grip Lat Pulldowns6 x 12-15
-Seated Row
-Seated Single Arm Cable Wide Lat Pulldown
3 x 12-15
-Smith Machine Bent Over Rows4 x 8-12
-Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
-Straight Arm Pulldowns
-Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
3 x 15-20