The Long Game Podcast Episode 2: Jeremy Ross Miller – Learning Through Entrepreneurship

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We are back for the second episode of The Long Game Podcast and I am joined by Jeremy Ross Miller. In this episode we talk not being a victim, the power of community, and using entrepreneurship as a way to learn instead of traditional education.

Jeremy Miller is a 21-year-old nationally known speaker, marketer, and writer. He discovered entrepreneurship as a vehicle for helping others and building community while also searching for an escape from depression. He was sixteen when he opened his first custom longboard business that also focused on creating a safe space for young people to talk about life. Although the business closed with a deficit, he was drawn to entrepreneurship because of how much it impacted his life positively and how much he saw he was able to impact others.

During the time Jeremy worked on his first company, he explored and tested the depths of social media specifically, Twitter. In a ten month period in 2016, he had organically reached over 100,000,000 impressions on content. By the age of 18, he took what he learned from his first company, leveraged mentorship from top digital marketers in the world, built a digital advertising agency called Inspired Blue Media with national clients and national press recognition. By 20, he had helped launch a tech startup and co-founded a 501c3 non-profit called The STARTedUP Foundation that empowers high school innovators and entrepreneurs.

Jeremy is also a Brand Marketing Consultant for Huse Culinary Restaurant Group which owns 5 restaurants and 4 restaurant brands including the World Famous St. Elmo Steakhouse. He’s also the personal brand manager for the World’s Greatest Competitive Eater, Joey Chestnut with 55 World Records.

Jeremy Miller has been featured or mentioned in 50+ print or online publications including Forbes, The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, Channel 13 News WTHR, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Future Sharks, Success Magazine and more. Jeremy’s Forbes Feature was the #1 trending article on LinkedIn in December of 2017 and ranked #1 on Google for “Forbes Entrepreneur” with 17M search results also in December of 2017. Jeremy was ranked in the top 25 influencers to teach about social media in 2017.

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