Weekend Review

Weekend Review August 23, 2020

Tweets of The Week

Favorite Articles

  • Morgan Housel: Overcoming Your Demons“Inside of every struggle is the seed of some of the happiest moments of your life. The psychology of happiness tells us there’s less than a dozen things that bring people lasting joy. One of them is progress in what you’re pursuing. The more progress, the more happiness.
  • Amyr Rocha Lima: The WHY must come before the HOW or the WHAT“As a financial planner, it’s best to put more emphasis on the WHY as the first step in the financial planning process. Knowing WHY a person wants to invest is essential before exploring the HOW (account type) and the WHAT (the right investments).

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial plan. Here is his last weeks weekend review.

Workout of the Week

-Smith Machine Incline Chest Press
-Lateral raises
-Cable Rope Rows
-Lat Pulldowns
4 x 15 each
-Smith Machine Upright Rows
-Rope Tricep Pushdowns
-Incline Pushups
-Barbell Bent Over Rows
4 x 12 each