Weekend Review

Weekend Review June 21, 2020

Tweets of The Week

Favorite Articles

  • Morgan Housel: Same as it ever was“The history of the stock market is that it goes up a lot in the long run but falls often in the short run. The falls are painful, but the gains are amazing. Put up with one and you get the other. Yet a large portion of the investing industry is devoted to avoiding the falls. They forecast when the next 10% or 20% decline will come and sell in anticipation. They’re wrong virtually every time. But they appeal to investors because asking people to just accept the temporary pain of losing 10% or 20% – maybe more once a decade – is unbearable. The majority of investors I know will tell you that you will perform better over time if you simply endure the pain of declines rather than try to avoid them. Still, they try to avoid them. The upside when you simply accept and endure the pain from market declines is that future declines don’t hurt as bad. You realize it’s just part of the game.”
  • Michael Batnick: Automate Automate Automate“What’s important to understand is that the simplest and most effective way to invest for your future is to automate your purchases. If I’ve learned nothing else about investing, it’s that consistently making the right decision during difficult times is an impossible burden to bear.”

Workout of The Week

Circuit 1 4x through (30 seconds of each with 15 seconds rest between)

  • Tricep pushdowns with v bar
  • Incline chest press (3 second pauses at the bottom of the rep)
  • Dumbbell hammer curls
  • Straight arm lat pulldowns
  • Straight bar bicep curls to face

Circuit 2: 3x through (30 seconds of each with 15 second rest between)

  • Incline close together chest press
  • Overhead tricep presses
  • EZ bar terrible 21’s bicep curls (7 lower half, 7 upper half, 7 full reps)
  • Wide bar arm lat pulldown
  • Triceps push down machine (do body weight dips if this machine is not available)
  • Standing one arm cable curls

RLS Weekend Review

Each week my colleague, Justin Castelli, breaks down the headlines that may be impacting your financial planning. Here is his last weeks weekend review.

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