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Time: Your Most Valuable Asset

What would you say if someone asked you “What is your most valuable asset ?” You might answer something like “my house, my 401(k), my bank account.” While all of these are solid answers, I like to think about assets that are more than money.

Think about it. Those other three answers are things that you can lose and get back again. You lose money and can go make more. You cash out your 401(k) and can go start a new one. Those statements are overly simplistic, but you get my point. Money is always replaceable. But, what is something you can lose but never get back no matter how hard you work or try?

Time. Time is your most valuable asset.

Imagine you are given the opportunity to trade places with Warren Buffet. Would you do it? I am guessing, like most people, your answer would be no. But, I am nearly positive he would trade places with you. Hear me out, it would be great to have beautiful houses all over the world, insane cars, and an unlimited budget. Despite this life of luxury, you’d also be 89 years old with limited time left to enjoy the life you’ve built. If you answered yes to my initial question, do you still want to trade places?

That example is proof enough that time itself is our most important asset. You only get a certain amount of time in this world. Yet we waste so much of that time worrying about things we can’t control and doing things that at the end of the day don’t really matter.

When you shift your mindset to see time as your most valuable asset, you start to understand it’s not something you want to give away freely. I am not saying don’t spend time with people you care about. What I am saying is use your time to do the things you love with the people you love.

Money, work, bills, these will always be there. Time won’t. Isn’t it about time we all start using our TIME wisely to fulfill our purpose?

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